Has your son passed or is deemed to have passed his 10th grade and is now rudderless, wasting time, getting bored or driving you crazy?

Do not fret. Get him aligned with our online NDA training/coaching and mentoring programme. We at Vishwabharati Academy, groom students to be potential military leaders and join the prestigious National Defence Academy (NDA). We run a professional training Institute with a residential school in Lonavala and provide schooling from 6th to 12th grade along with military training and grooming.
The 11th and 12th classes are completely focussed towards the NDA entrance exam and SSB training.

In light of the pandemic and every likelihood of an extended lock down, students are likely to lose precious time this academic year. Considering that children are most susceptible to exposure, in our view, unless there is dramatic improvement, schools may not open until Sep 2020 after which school may have to curtail extra curricular activities to dovetail the prescribed syllabus in the remaining months.

Considering this scenario, we reckon it’s time that students get their focus back and get down to some serious online courses. This shall not only prepare them for the forthcoming academic session but will also put them ahead of others who choose to wait and while away their time.

The NDA examination has 2 test papers, one of Maths and the other of General Ability. We will cover both in our live and interactive sessions with our experienced teachers. There will be 2-3sessions of 40 min each for 5 days a week, depending on the progress of the students. The fees per month would be Rs. 5,000/- to be paid in advance. The coaching shall begin from First week of May 20.
The online fees paid by students will be deductible from our annual residential fees in case one takes admission for the 2 year residential course.

We urge you not to worry about lost time and refocus your energy on the new normal ie online classes and make the most of it.

Web: www.vishwabharatigurukul.com

Application form Link for online Classes:

For enquiries and details please call Col Subhash @ 9930004092 or Mr. Ananda @ 9923054123 / 9923285123
Email: col.subhash@vishwabharatigurukul.com