A sweet school surprise trip to exploring Panchgani.

It was a sweet surprise for the group of 24 boys and girls who were taken out for an impromptu short hike out of the school campus into the wonderful greens of Panchgani.
It was a delightful trek and road walk over the meandering road and treks of neighborhood hills. The delight of the students was palpable when the news of the outing was broken to them. The gang was very fired up and their enthusiasm was infectious.

The evening snacks were collected in a flash and the team was out in a jiffy. The first stop in the trek was Janani Mata Mandir. The team not only paid their obeisance but also marveled at the red stone architecture of this ancient temple. The move to the Dhom dam back water took the students through different habitations and hamlets scattered around the valley. The view of the back waters was breathtaking and it also presented a panoramic view of the surrounding peaks and the iconic table top land.

The trekkers took a breather at this spot, relished their long gone cold snacks, put up a song and mimicry show and engaged in some friendly joyous and boisterous banter. The trekkers were back in campus by last light having enjoyed a 3 hours of escapade. All in all it was a memorable and exhilarating trip and shall help student find their mojo.
Such outings are not only rejuvenating but help students develop team spirit and inculcate a feeling of oneness amongst students. It also develops stamina, spirit of initiative and gives impetus to attributes like physical courage and dynamism. We at VDA work to create and develop such personality traits amongst students so that they develop the persona of a leader.

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