Integrated NDA and JEE Residential (2years)

Integrated NDA and JEE
Residential (2years)

Vishwabharati Defence Academy (VDA), est. 2011 was incorporated with an objective of helping motivated students find illustrious careers in the Armed Forces and serve the nation with pride and élan. We believe that given the right education and support a student from any background can excel and be a leader. To this end Vishwabharati Defence Academy runs various short and long term training programs at different campuses.

The 2 years course consisting of an exhaustive and varied curriculum is designed to coach and train you to ace written exams such as UPSC (NDA, TES, JEE, CDS) and AFCAT. The training will hone your soft skills and spoken English. The course is designed to make students confident and self-reliant; developing leadership abilities to prime them for success in life.

The program is conducted near Pune Maharashtra.

Both the campuses offer a whole gamut of facilities which is required for preparation of NDA and JEE examination. In addition both campus has all the sports facilities which is required for over all physical and mental development of child.

Cradle of Military Leadership
Spacious Campuses
Focused & Goal Oriented Approach
Hostel and Messing Facility
Sports Infra-structure
Experienced Ex-Army Trainers

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Our Campuses

The programme is conducted at the our campuses dist Pune, Maharashtra

Courses Offered

Fluency in English, both written and spoken is a weapon that a successful cadet in training in the defence forces must have in his arsanel. It is our outright endeavour to ensure just that. The period of training varies as per the need of the individual.

Recommendation in SSB is based on the demonstrated personality attributes of the candidate. Personality development has various aspects, the way one thinks, acts, behaves, deals with others, reacts to situations, dresses and communicates: the list is endless. We watch for all such personality attributes and do course-correction when and where necessary.

Service Selection Boards (SSB) process the candidates through Psychological Tests, Interviews and Group Tests in order to determine their suitability as potential defence officers.

Training is conducted over 2 weeks @ 4-5 hrs per day. Highly experienced and reputed assessors, Brig B S Gill (President and IO), Brig S Bodhe (President and IO), Col Vivek Nair (Deputy President and IO), Col S S Barde (GTO) and Col J S Rawat (Psychologist) conduct the sessions. We proudly claim to have the best team of SSB assessors in the state of Maharashtra.

Vishwabharati Defence Academy (VDA) follow the principle of providing the best education and exposure to the students who may join us from various education boards. We believe in our ability and the student’s motivation to excel both in academics and personality development.

The conditions for admission in the School and hostel along with applicable fees are given in below sections.

We operate within two school campuses at dist Pune, Maharastra; and are responsible for all facets of training and administration of our cadets. This includes the safety, security, discipline, accommodation & food, education, proficiency in English language, physical training & sports and overall personality development, to include soft skills. We assume the responsibilities of local guardian and caretaker for all our cadets.

NDA written exam has two papers, Mathematics and General Aptitude Test (GAT). While mathematics is of 300 marks the GAT is of 600 marks. GAT is primarily a test of general awareness and proficiency in English language. The GAT includes English, History, Geography, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Political science, Civics, Economics, General knowledge and Current affairs.

All short courses for NDA, CDS and AFCAT span over 10 weeks. We also conduct four weeks intensive training for NDA written exam and Service Preparatory Institute (SPI) from mid-March to mid-April. Mock SSB interviews are taken by erstwhile members of the Service Selection Board and one on one sessions with students are held. The training for short courses are approximately 225 hrs and for intensive course 125 hrs.

Course Details

Both campuses, along with all their connected facilities and amenities are located within walled / fenced campuses of the respective schools / institutes, away from the hustle & bustle and distractions of city life. Within the campus all basic facilities required for training, like messes, hostels, canteens, dormitories, playgrounds, gyms and medical facilities are available. However, the facilities vary from campus to campus. All campuses are covered by CCTV networks, ensuring round-the-clock security for your wards. 

A variety of facilities are available at the campuses for sports and recreational activities.  Besides being prepared for the NDA entrance exams, We also coached and mentored for the JEE entrance exams, which, gives the cadets an additional entry to join the Armed Forces as Technical Officers through the Technical Entry Scheme (TES). 

The hostels, classrooms and messes are in close proximity of each other to ensure that the cadets make best fruitful use of all available time.  The meals provided are hygienic, tasty and care is taken to ensure variety in the daily menu.

 The additional facilities for the 2 years integrated course (NDA & JEE Coaching) are enumerated below:

  1. Complete end to end coaching for NDA & JEE (JEE Main)
  2. Student messes with 4 meals per day. Breakfast, Lunch, Evening Snacks & Dinner. Meals are unlimited, tasty with adequate variety. Milk with additional nutrients is provided.
  3. Nice and airy hostels with teachers and wardens residing with students. Self study during the study period is also under supervision of teachers/staff.
  4. Teachers and ex-Army Instructors available 24X7.
  5. Daily cleaning of the washrooms and living premises.
  6. Uninterrupted power and water supply.
  7. Coolers and RO water purifiers for drinking water.
  8. Sports complexes.
  9. Students are always under supervision and not allowed to loiter.
  10. Laundry facilities.
  11. Weekly home call. No mobiles with students.
Time From Time To Event Details
0515 Hrs
0545 Hrs
0550 Hrs
0630 Hrs
PT / Drill
0730 Hrs
0750 Hrs
0800 Hrs
1230 Hrs
Academic Classes
1230 Hrs
1300 Hrs
1300 Hrs
1430 Hrs
Academic Classes
1430 Hrs
1500 Hrs
Make & Mend
1500 Hrs
1645 Hrs
Study Period / NDA Training
1645 Hrs
1700 Hrs
1700 Hrs
1800 Hrs
1900 Hrs
2030 Hrs
Study Period / Classes
2030 Hrs
2100 Hrs
2100 Hrs
2300 Hrs
Study Period
2300 Hrs
Lights Off

*(Exact timing may vary depending upon the weather and season. When exams are in progress, more time is given for studies and stress on outdoor activities is reduced accordingly.)

The fees for First Year payable for the batch starting in June 2024 is:

For VDA Campus 1 : Rs. 2,65,000/- (Rupees Two Lakh Sixty-Five Thousand Only). 

For VDA Campus 2 : Rs. 2,40,000/- (Rupees Two Lakh Fourty Thousand Only).

The cost of Books, stationary, Uniform and Security Deposit is over and above the above-mentioned fees. The Security Deposit is refunded, when the student finally passes out from the school.

The Course Fees are revised every year based on the revision in overall Fees, as decided by the management.  However, the VDA fee for a particular batch remains constant for the two years and a cadet in Second year pays the same fee that he paid when he was in first year in the same campus. 

Goods and Services included in the Fees:

  1. Complete tuition fees
  2. Hostel Charges
  3. 4 Meals
  4. Coaching of Physics, Chemistry & Math (PCM) and English
  5. NDA written exam with regular coaching and tests
  6. SSB interview and Personality Development training
  7. Safety, security and supervision of students
  8. Trekking
  9. Dossier Maintenance
  10. Health
  11. Sports Activities
  12. Laundry Facility
  13. Indoor Library
  14. In-house entertainment like Music, dance, movie etc.
  15. Indoor games like Carrom & Chess
  16. Newspapers and Magazines
  17. Visit to Defence establishment
  18. Coaching for JEE (for Campus 2 only)

Note:-  Books, Stationary and Uniforms are NOT part of the above-mentioned fees

1. Educational Qualifications:  

a. Candidates studying in 10th standard of any board (State/CBSE/ICSE/IB).
b. They must secure minimum 60 % marks in 10th Examination.

2. Age Limits, Sex and Marital Status:

a. Only unmarried Male and Female candidates can apply.
b. The candidate must be born within the dates mentioned in the advertisement published every year on UPSC Offical website.

3. Domicile & Reservation:

a. The applicant should be a domicile of India.

b. There is no reservation of seats on any basis.

4. Physical Qualifications:

a. Selected candidates after the process of written and personal interview has to produce a fitness certificate by a medical authority / practitioner before joining the VDA.

Withdraw / Cancellation Of Admission:

The Director, VDA has the right and authority to cancel the admission on any of the following grounds: -

1. Fail to maintain VDA discipline
2. Involved in Ragging activities and harmful for other cadets.
3. Remains ill for a long period and considered physically unfit to carry on with the daily routine.
4. Consistently fail to maintain academic performance.
5. Parents not able to pay the dues to Institute.

We give a scholarship to each of those students who stand amongst first 5 in the overall merit in the cource. The numbers of students among the first 5 are graded as per their academic performance, in house exam performance and overall performance and discipline. The first student is given Rs. 5,000/- and it is reduced by Rs. 1000/- for each student standing next in the merit. The decision on ranking amongst the first 5 students rests with management. We also give a discount of Rs. 10,000/- over a period of 2 years to students whose parents are in Armed Forces, Para Military / Central Police Organization and State Police.

  • Entrance test
  • After the written exam all students will face an interview.
  1. Selection Procedure:

a. VDA will conduct an entrance exam. Subjects - English, Math, General Knowledge and current affairs of 10th standard level. The written test will be objective type online / OMR sheet.

b. Date of the exam will be communicated through WhatsApp or parent’s e-mail to the students who have registered with VDA.

c. After the exam all students will face an interview.

d. Both the exam and interview will be conducted online (with video ON mode).

2. Joining Process:

a. Selected candidates will be informed individually through offer letter on registered email Id.

b. Candidates successful in test and interview will need to submit fitness / medical certificate.

c. Candidates may visit the campuses and give their choice of campus as Priority I and II.

d. Seat in selected / allocated campus may be reserved by payment of Rs. 30,000/- (Rupees Thirty Thousand Only) as provisional admission fee within a week of receipt of offer letter. This fee is a part of the total admission fee payable.

e. VDA will try to allot Priority I, if vacancies are available. However, if no vacancy exists at the campus of choice of the candidate, the campus selected as Priority II will be allocated.

f. Parent will receive selection letter along with Joining Instructions on registered email Id.

Candidates who qualify in the written exam and interview; and figure in the merit list, will be invited to join the campus, as decided by the management, through their registered e-mail.


What is the USP of Vishwabharati Defence Academy (VDA)?

  • World class campuses.
  • Teachers and staff, including officers retired from the Armed Forces are deputed to take care, teach and mentor the students round the clock.
  • The academic block, mess, hostel, sports facilities and all other facilities and conveniences are with in 1 to 5 minutes walking distance. No wastage of time and energy and the safety gets ensured.
  • Campus is fenced, covered by CCTV and physically guarded by guards 24X7.
  • Teachers including personnel's from the Armed Forces, instead of wardens, are deputed to take care, teach and mentor the students.
  • All campuses are well connected by road and in close proximity of Pune / Mumbai, which are within driving distance.
  • Proximity to the dream destination, NDA. We make regular inspirational visits to Defence establishment .
  • All campuses are  trekkers paradise. We trek to various forts of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. These treks are not only inspirational but also a great way to keep physically fit, develop team spirit and recharge the batteries.
  • VDA has a national character and attracts students from allover India. This not only helps students to adapt and learn but also gives the academy a true national flavor. The board of directors of the Academy are also from the states of Maharashtra, Orrisa and Uttarakhand  hence a true representative of Academy's national character.
  • Our mentors and teachers are from varied backgrounds, thus bringing their unique flavour and expertise to the Academy. We offer the expertise of Brig BS Gill, Brig (Dr) S B Bodhe, Col Vivek Nair, Col Y Y Shaikh, Col V Madian and many other guest speakers from the Armed Forces for personality development and for training the cadets for the SSB interviews; and eminent teachers to cover all the academic subjects,  including spoken English.
  • Assured admission in Engineering and Hotel Management College after following due admission process.