A Glimpse into the Daily Training of an NDA Aspiring Cadet at Vishwabharati Defence Academy (VDA) Campus

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NDA Coaching For Class 11

Preparing for the National Defence Academy (NDA) requires dedication, discipline, and rigorous training. At Vishwabharati Defence Academy (VDA), located in Pune with campuses in Lonavala, Panchgani, and Shivneri (Junnar), aspiring cadets undergo a comprehensive training program designed to mold them into confident and capable leaders. In this blog, we will provide you with a glimpse into the daily training routine at VDA, a premier NDA training center in the region.

Physical Fitness: The Foundation of Strength:

Physical fitness forms an integral part of the training regimen at VDA. Each day begins with an early morning PT (Physical Training) session, which includes exercises like running, stretching, and strength-building drills. These activities not only enhance the cadets’ endurance, agility, and physical strength but also instil discipline and a sense of self-discipline. The rigorous physical training prepares cadets for the demanding physical tests they will encounter during their NDA selection process. Academic Excellence: Nurturing Knowledge and

To succeed in the NDA examination, cadets must possess a strong academic foundation. At VDA, dedicated hours are allocated for classroom study, where cadets receive expert guidance and coaching in subjects such as Mathematics, English, General Knowledge and Current Affairs. Experienced faculty members provide comprehensive study materials, conduct regular tests and evaluations and assist cadets in grasping complex concepts. The aim is to develop intellectual sharpness, analytical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Military Drill and Discipline: Precision and Unity:
Military drill and discipline play a vital role in the training of NDA aspirants. Cadets are trained in precise marching, saluting and formations to instill discipline, coordination and a sense of teamwork. Daily drill sessions are conducted to develop cadets’ physical and mental alertness, enhance their reflexes and instill a sense of pride and honor in their uniform. The emphasis on military discipline helps cadets understand the importance of following orders, working as a cohesive unit and maintaining decorum.

Time From Time To Event Details
0515 Hrs Reveille
0545 Hrs Muster
0550 Hrs 0630 Hrs PT / Drill
0730 Hrs 0750 Hrs Breakfast
0800 Hrs 1230 Hrs School Classes
1230 Hrs 1300 Hrs Lunch
1300 Hrs 1430 Hrs School Classes
1430 Hrs 1500 Hrs Make & Mend
1500 Hrs 1645 Hrs Study Period / NDA Training
1645 Hrs 1700 Hrs Snacks
1700 Hrs 1800 Hrs Games
1900 Hrs 2030 Hrs Study Period / VDA Classes
2030 Hrs 2100 Hrs Dinner
2100 Hrs 2300 Hrs Study Period
2300 Hrs Lights Off


*(Exact timing may vary depending upon the weather, season and campus specific. When exams are in progress, more time is given for studies and stress on outdoor activities is reduced accordingly.)

Leadership Development: Shaping Future Commanders:
VDA recognizes the significance of leadership skills in shaping future commanders. Cadets undergo leadership development programs that include interactive sessions, group activities and leadership workshops. These activities aim to enhance their communication skills, decision making abilities, problem-solving techniques, and the ability to motivate and lead others. Through practical exercises and real-life scenarios, cadets are encouraged to think critically, display initiative and develop their unique leadership styles.

Outdoor Training and Adventure Activities: Testing Limits and Building Resilience:
VDA believes in providing holistic training, which extends beyond classrooms and drill grounds. Cadets engage in outdoor training and adventure activities such as rock climbing, obstacle courses, trekking and survival skills. These activities not only test their physical endurance but also foster mental resilience, courage and adaptability. The challenges faced during outdoor training help cadets overcome their fears, build self-confidence and develop the spirit of teamwork.

The daily training routine of an NDA aspiring cadet at Vishwabharati Defence Academy (VDA) is a well-rounded program that encompasses physical fitness, academic excellence, military drill and discipline, leadership development, and outdoor adventure activities. The rigorous training at VDA, conducted by experienced faculty members and mentors, prepares cadets for the challenges they will encounter during the NDA selection process. With a focus on physical and mental strength, discipline and leadership skills, VDA equips cadets with the necessary attributes to excel in the defence forces and serve their nation with honor and dedication.

For more information on our two-year course, please visit the link:
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