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Have you heard of Success Triangle. If yes well it’s a revision for you if no, then you better read this . I am COO at VDA and got an opportunity to talk to young minds on 21 Feb 2023 . The young minds were students of class 9 to 11 at Air Force station Vayusena Nagar on Nagar Road at Pune. Well the spectrum or I would call it audience was at varied stage of mental development and it was a tricky situation to find a common theme to engross them for one hour . Well, I latched on to a common theme of Success, Who does not want to be successful in life. Students just loved the theme and the ball was set rolling. Well after a heavy breakfast when the sleep catches on faster if the speaker is engrossed in blasting his knowledge through slides it is an ideal recipe for sleep so I kept the slides to minimum and having only colorful pictures of life at NDA. 

I was successful in keeping them awake, not only that I also dwelled upon Goal setting well something on it in my next Blog , well Majority of the students wanted to prepare for NDA and hence Preparation for NDA that is how to prepare for written paper NDA and also for SSB was discussed in detail. Coming to Success Triangle the three arms of the Triangle are Knowledge, Attitude and Skill.

If one wants to be successful, he has to increase the area of the Success triangle by increasing the length of the three Arms so far so good. How to go about it and what does each arm mean to student, teacher, professional. It was fun interacting with various examples.

Finally, some serious questions came from the students which were answered in their language and with examples which they would understand.

Well, It was a fun filled morning wherein not only the students but teachers also participated and las but not the least after my first face off with a 250 plus audience I felt more confident and am ready to face larger audience as with each such interaction one adds value to his/her life.

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